Create better everyday life for the many people

Part of the IKEA group, IKEA Shopping Centres Russia develops, owns and manages shopping centres throughout Russia. Inspired by IKEA’s vision, everything we do has one aim — to create a better everyday life for the many people.

Over the last ten years, IKEA Shopping Centres Russia has created a highly-successful format for shopping centre development, extending right across the country. Our shopping centres are called MEGA and each one has IKEA as its anchor tenant. Since opening our first centre, MEGA Teply Stan in 2002, we’ve become the largest shopping centre operator in Russia, with developments throughout the most densely populated regions where we attract a significant number of visitors.

IKEA in Russia operates 14 stores, all attached to a MEGA centre. Other IKEA businesses in Russia are IKEA Trading, coordinating work with Russian suppliers; Distribution Centre IKEA, supplier to all Russian IKEA stores.


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By combining our key anchor tenants with internationally famous retailers we have created a unique shopping environment. And to maximize the time visitors spend at our centres, we also offer leisure facilites like play areas, cinemas and ice rinks, making them a fun day out for the family.

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